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The Staff Management Committee (SMC) was established in line with Article 8 of the United Nations Staff Rules and Regulations (SRR), which stipulates: “The Secretary-General shall establish and maintain continuous contact and communication with the staff in order to ensure effective participation of the staff in identifying, examining and resolving issues relating to staff welfare, including conditions of work, general conditions of life and other human resources policies”.


The SMC is composed of all the Secretariat bodies (Headquarter Duty Stations, Economic Commissions, Field Staff) and associate members from organisations that are linked, in some way, to the Secretariat and the Staff Rules. ICTY is an associate member, as is the ICTR. The MICT will become a member. These bodies are represented by UN Management and the leadership of the UN Staff Unions and Associations. SMC’s members interact regularly through video conferences throughout the year and meet, physically at least once a year for direct negotiations. The management delegation is led by the UN Under Secretary General for Management, assisted by the Assistant Secretary General for Office of Human Resources Management, and supported by the various Directors of Administration and Chiefs of Human Resources of the UN institutions. The SMC discusses and negotiates on the Staff Rules and Regulations and various guidelines and administrative circulars governing the UN activities, conditions of service and welfare of staff.


Staff Management Committee

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