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In accordance with Article X of the ICTY Staff Union Constitution, elections are held at least every two (2) years and by-elections as needed. There is a maximum of thirty (30) seats to be filled for the election to the Staff Union Committee (SUC). 


All ICTY and MICT staff who are contributing members of the Staff Union are eligible to seek nomination and run for election. Any staff member is eligible to be a nominator and may nominate more than one candidate. The candidates for the Staff Union elections and by-elections should submit a Nomination Form and prepare a campaign résumé in advance, in the event of a run-off election. 


Election Process

All completed Nominations Forms must be submitted. Each Nomination Form must include five (5) nominator signatures in order to be valid. Should the total number of nominations be less than or equal to thirty (30), those persons will automatically become new members of the Staff Union Committee, which will be announced by Information Circular. Should the number of nominations exceed thirty (30), a second election stage will take place. In the event of the latter, staff members will be notified by an Information Circular outlining the voting procedures as well as the list of all of the nominees with their campaign résumés. At the polling stations, registered ballots will be made available on which each staff member may select a maximum of thirty (30) individuals. The results of the second election stage will be announced.

Completed Nomination Forms that include five (5) nominator signatures may be submitted in a sealed envelope directly to one of the Polling Officers.

Staff Union Elections

Polling Officers

The Polling Officers are volunteers who sit in the position for a period of two years. They have complete independence on decision-making related to Staff Union electoral issues only, which include: organising and monitoring General and by-Elections of the Staff Union and monitoring e-voting on any internal issues discussed within the Staff Union representatives.


The Polling Officers act also as mediators, if and when required.


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