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During the 58th session of the UN General Assembly in 2004, the downsizing of ICTY was set in motion. The Staff Union sought fair and transparent procedures in the implementation of the downsizing. Due to the specificity of ICTY and its workforce, it became clear that a one-size-fits-all approach would not work. 


ICTY staff members performing similar and interchangeable tasks are divided into pools and subject to a comparative review. The comparative review is performed by using a formula which includes the staff member’s length of service and performance scores. Staff members are then ranked in a sequential list, which is then used to match those highest on the list with the longest running posts. 


The posts of staff members who serve in unique functions are described as stand-alone. Downsizing of these posts is dependent on organizational requirements.


The whole process is subject to monitoring and recommendations by a panel which includes representatives of the Staff Union.


A decision on contract length can be submitted for internal review and appealed to the Management Evaluation Unit.




     Completion Strategy

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*Disclaimer: The information contained in the documents on the website is confidential and only available to ICTY/MICT staff and former staff  members.

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